Italian nightlife like you've never heard before.

Welcome to our brand new feature. With Kosmi's Fellows we will make you aware of cool people who are just bringing some culture to our country's hot spots.

Personally interviewed by our resident Dj Kosmi, you'll be able to meet djs and producers who will delight us with accompanying homemade mixtapes and playlists that perfectly fit the real GoGo style.

Please meet the Perugia-based Francesco Fiorucci, aka Chiskee, Kosmi's first guest, dj and founder of Bounce.

K: How did you start making music? Who inspired you from the very beginning?

C: At first I fell in love with the DJ’s figure and appearance, watching my brother. Then I started looking into the music: it was the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. My idols were hip-hop Gods like ATCQ, Dj Jazzy Jeff and reggae musicians as well like Dennis Brown.

K: You run ‘Bounce’, the realest Hip-Hop and Dancehall party in Perugia area. How did you make it?

C: It all started three years ago, when I had a tough time and some mess with my collabs. So I decided to start with something new and create my own business. My old – and true – friends really helped me. We just believed in the project since day one, and that was definitely enough. Just look at what we became only three years late.

K: Tell us more about Bounce.

C: Bounce is just different. Mixing different styles, doing my best at it, bringing the black music in the city. This was my main goal: giving TO the culture the greatness it deserves. In the past 3 years I can tell we set a new trend in party events: quality music, great staging, big-name guests.

K: Tell us about ‘bouncers’. Who are your aficionados?

C: We have different targets. There’s who can’t miss a single Bounce-party - the loyals - but fortunately we also have people randomly coming to our parties. Door selection isn’t really our thing. Everyone is welcome. What really matters to us is that people have a great time.

K: Does ‘Bounce’ have a particular style in terms of fashion?

C: Music is our focus. We’re not a trend and we don’t want to. We are a reality, and you are very welcome to be part of it, dressing and looking however you feel to.

K: How do you make music?

C: It could sound obvious but I’m a vinyl lover. I also like using Serato, controller and stuff using my laptop for playing.

K: What’s your feeling about the Italian music scene?

C: I see lots of new talents. I see collaboration but I also see competition, which isn’t always a good one. Mixing your personal style with another dj’s sound doesn’t mean you are not doing your thing, or that you’re betraying your culture. Trap and Rap can coexist, just like a lot of different music styles together. I think it’s just good for you, it opens up your mind and hart. I hope all of this will improve in our country.