What Za'Mood are you in?

We know there are days when you feel really great, like when you have a day-off. Some other days all you need is your bed to stay in and cry, or you want to go out and party with friends. What about those days when all you want is to dance by yourself?

Whatever your mood is, we know one thing for sure: music will always be there for you enhancing those thoughts, feelings and vibes. So we proudly invite you all to discover our Za’mood playlists, available on our Spotify account.

Every month, 3 of our DJs will release their own playlist filled tracks that perfectly represents a certain mood. And don’t miss the update: every week each DJ will add extra vibes to his selection, always in the same Za'mood.



#1 ZA’MOOD LOVE, SEX, MAGIC | by Bianca Weiss Tabaton

Bianca is one of the most famous Djette from Milan, having played in the coolest clubs and having worked with important events agencies and with many fashion brands. Her music selection is the result of various and different life experiences, it’s an urban kaleidoscopic sound, going from Neo Soul to Hip-Hop, from Funk to R&B and House, mixing unknown and refined tracks with classic hits. As the title suggests, Bianca’s playlist has the most classic theme: love. Love songs are terrific in two cases: when they are poignant or when sex is involved. ‘Love, Sex, Magic’ is our invitation to surf through the most sensual tracks of the last 20 years, it’s the perfect music carpet for your hot times, those romantic yet sweaty ones. You got it, right? Turn off Netflix, press play below and chill.


#2 ZA’MOOD WANNABE | by The Essence

You should already know Naples-born and Milan-based Djette/producer The Essence thanks to her infectious Cardi B’s‘Bodak Yellow’ remix or her summerish Sfera Ebbasta’s ‘Tran Tran’ remix. Her ‘Wannabe’ playlist is an easy-going selection of songs that you would love to sing out loud when you're in the car or in the shower. You should listen to this one when you are getting ready for the club with your friends at home, or when you need to recover from a bad day. It’s impossible to keep a gloomy face while listening to Sfera Ebbasta’s ‘Rockstar’, or to J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’.


#3 ZA’MOOD BODY LOOSE | by Lil Pimp

LilXPimp is DJ from Milan who loves to mix Funk/Disco sounds with Hip-Hop/House rhythms. His musical melting pot consists in the desire to let people be truly themselves, dancing on the floor and enjoying the good vibes. Following this musical imaginary, his playlist ‘Body Loose’ is a journey that traces the musical evolution from the '70s to the '90s. It’s a tribute to all the music steps that gave life to Club Culture as we know it today: the crossover from Funk/Soul into Disco music and later - thanks to repetitive, hypnotic rhythms, mainly provided by drum machines off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines – into House music that had its greatest evolution between Chicago and NY. Like a journey through time, you should listen to this selection when you strongly need to turn off your brain, losing yourself to dance like there’s nobody watching.