What Za'Mood are you in?

We know there are days when you feel really great, like when you have a day-off. Some other days all you need is your bed to stay in and cry, or you want to go out and party with friends. What about those days when all you want is to dance by yourself?

Whatever your mood is, we know one thing for sure: music will always be there for you enhancing those thoughts, feelings, and vibes. So we proudly invite you all to discover our Za’mood playlists, available on our Spotify account.

Every month, 3 of our DJs will release their own playlist filled tracks that perfectly represents a certain mood. And don’t miss the update: every week each DJ will add extra vibes to his selection, always in the same Za'mood.


DEV is an Italian DJ and producer, GHALI official DJ and proudly member of our family since 2014. Last year he shared his triptych project  Eu Desabafo, ‘Detroit’, and 'Lunar' showing us his heavy sound research with 3 acts different from each other for musical mood, duration and mixing technique.

His 'Hangover' playlist doesn't need further explanations: we just think it's perfect for the Sunday morning when you just need a soft alarm to move from bed to the fridge to the sofa. Better than any medical cure, moderate volume listening is recommended to reduce headaches, and keep it warm until our next Saturday party.

#5 ZA’MOOD UNPLUGGED | by Francesco Galassia

Francesco Galassia is a DJ/producer from Milan with a strong passion in researching new sonorities. His musical vision goes through different genres like experimental electronic, techno and grime music. The playlist 'Unplugged' is a noisy trekking that will drive you safely in the darkest nights, especially when you need to reach and enjoy the long-awaited quiet after the storm. You should press play when the sun has just set, you’re home alone and you need to take a break from your daily routine stress. Or when you’re walking home at 3 a.m. and everything around you is just so quiet and you can finally focus on how peaceful the world is when everyone else is sleeping.

#6 ZA’MOOD SMOOTHIE LOVER | by Goldentrash

No words are needed to introduce you GOLDENTRASHOne of the best feature on our website with his savage remixes - just think about his Dark Polo Gang’ ‘Sportswear’ remix -, he uses to be the extra spicy topping of the GoGo Room sound. And here something more: a fine selection of beats able to awake your inner Latin lover, actually, your 'Smoothie Lover', aka  the perfect selection for your first date. New reggaeton waves, African beats, dancehall and classic hip-hop love songs: whether you believe in the love at first sight or in Deliveroo,  get your lover close, press play and take your own journey through those saucy sounds.